Howling together

A pair of dogs howl in unison at the Takotna checkpoint during the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska.1394144972001-AP-APTOPIX-IditarodAPhoto credit: Bob Hallinen / The Anchorage Daily News via AP


Good dogs!

Obedient dogs play along with their trainers from the Indian Border Security Force Dog Squad during Republic Day celebrations in Jammu, India, on January 26, 2014.1390834137010-day012714-APhoto credit: Alok Pathania / AFP / Getty Images


Blessed dogs on the Day of San Anton

Worshipers hold their dogs after they were blessed by a priest during the Day of San Anton at San Anton church in Churriana, southern Spain, on January 17, 2014.san-anton-dogsPhoto credit: Jon Nazca / REUTERS


Fond farewell

"Don't you forget about me."dogs-hug

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Walking dogs in Madrid

A dog walker passes the Supreme Tribunal of Justice in Madrid, Spain, on January 9, 2014.Pictures in the News | Jan. 9, 2014PHOTO credit: Andres Kudacki / Associated Press


Adopted Siberian tigers

A mother dog feeds her pups and a pair of Siberian tiger cubs after their mother stopped feeding them at the Wild Animal World zoo in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, eastern China.Pictures in the News | Dec. 24, 2013PHOTO credit: AFP / Getty Images


Cats are gatekeepers

Dogs fear the powerful paws of cats.

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Scrambled dogs

A mélange of juvenile crossbreed pups ensnare themselves on top of a cushion at the Gut Aiderbichl animal shelter in Henndorf, Salzburg province, Austria, on December 4, 2013. 6E94F6E4-4FB6-4D4C-BFDF-9F4E2DED9F2E_w974_n_sPhoto credit: AP